Thinking of Transferring

Sometimes foster carers, for different reasons, want to move to another fostering organisation. It is a decision we know you don’t take lightly, thinking about the impact on you and any foster children you have.

If you are considering changing, there are many reasons to choose Moments Fostering. When recently surveyed all our foster carers felt strongly that they were well supported by Moments.

We are also very successful at sustaining long-term placements, reflected in our investment in making the right matches, as well as the care that our foster carers provide. Our outcomes for children and young people are exceptional (Ofsted, 2014).

We pay well and reward our foster carers for their hard work and commitment.

The Process

We will help to make it a smooth transition for you as well as any children or young people you are currently fostering.

Committed staff are on hand to answer any questions or worries you may have. We will take much of the work of transfer off you, and keep you informed throughout the changeover.

If you want to transfer to Moments or are thinking about it, then please get in touch.  We can have a chat or come to visit you at home. We will treat any conversations confidentially as we know this will be important in the early stages of any decisions you make.

The Fostering Network has some useful guidance regarding the transfer of foster parents, this is called the Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol England (2014).

Why foster with Moments

With over 15 years’ experience in fostering, investing in our foster carers is a priority for Moments; we are committed to professional fostering, with exceptional support, as this means better outcomes for children and young people.

You’re part of a team

We cover the South East of England, with offices in Kent and East Sussex – the door is always open for you to pop in. We work with our foster carers to improve our services, and shape the work we do by listening to their views and ideas.

We invest in you as professionals

We want you to have the confidence, skills and knowledge to be a professional foster carer, providing you with continuous training opportunities each year from our team and specialists, where this is needed.  Bespoke training is also offered, where a child or young person has specific needs.


We know how important it is for foster carers to not feel that they are on their own, providing you with 24 hours advice service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You will have a dedicated supervising social worker, who regularly visits and is always on the end of the phone.

Regular support group meetings with other foster carers gives you the chance to share challenges and successes, and keep you up-to-date with what’s happening at Moments.

Support also includes a discount scheme for major attractions nationwide, free passes to local family attractions and social events organised by Moments.

We pay well and reward you for your hard work and commitment

As skilled professionals, in a rewarding but challenging job, we think our foster carers should be recognised with competitive pay.

Your pay depends on the age of the child or young person and their particular needs as well as your skills and experience. You’ll receive between £350 to £507 per week for each child.

Couples who foster can have one person in full-time work outside fostering, with one person as the primary full-time foster carer.

As well as your pay, we provide 23 days paid respite each year, and a holiday allowance.

As a foster carer you will be self-employed, with your first £10,000 earned from fostering each year tax free, as well as some exemptions on earnings over £10,000.

We will help with all the financial stuff and can even provide you with an accountant.

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